Exciting Changes Coming. . .

This is just a quick post to update you all on some upcoming changes. First:  the online course for New Mind New Body is moving to a fantastic online platform that is truly cutting edge technology.  I'll be sharing the link with you when this page updates. Second:  our blog is also moving to a [...]

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Ketogenic Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

Here is a ketogenic blue cheese dressing recipe perfect for your low carb diet.  My wife, Alicia, created this dressing, and at 1.2 carbs per serving it is outstanding. You would never guess that this is food for a diet! When you make your salad, stick to low carb green vegetables, and other zero carb [...]

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14 Fast Foods for a Low Carb Diet

Have you ever wondered how you can survive in a fast food world on a low carb diet? Here are 14 fast foods you can eat on a low carb diet. Here are a few highlights:  do remember that a low carb diet may not reach the metabolic state of ketosis until you have cut [...]

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Ketogenic Diet Vindicated

An amazing judicial finding just came out of South Africa courts, the ketogenic diet vindicated as advocated by Dr. Timothy Noakes. Dr. Noakes had advocated a low carbohydrate, specifically ketogenic, diet.  This is a diet with typically between 20 and 40 net carbohydrates per day.  He had experienced excellent results for his health, and as [...]

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Stress Causes Weight Gain

It is a little know fact that stress causes weight gain in most people.  Part of the reason for the weight gain may be additional cravings for food from your perceived stress. But the larger reason is the biological fact that chronic stress causes your body to release hormones that actually promote weight gain.  An [...]

Hypnosis Promotes Weight Loss

In our supersized world, we have many opportunities to eat and drink more than we need.  However, what's behind obesity is usually more than craving a large order of fries. In America, a major diet industry has grown around obesity.  It leads overweight people to pay a big price for trendy diets, pills, or expensive and high-risk surgeries. [...]

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Choose Your Metabolism Wisely

Learn how to choose your metabolism wisely. Your body will begin breaking down food using different efficiencies depending on what food you make primary in your diet. A ketogenic diet, as an example, burns fats and cholesterol as the primary fuel source for your body. A low fat diet burns sugars and starches as the [...]

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When Should You Exercise?

When should you exercise each day? I would suggest you consider light to moderate exercise after your last of the day.  Why?  To burn some excess carbs off prior to sleep. You can use this idea whether you are technically on a low carb diet or now, because either way, left over circulating sugars at [...]

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Mindfulness Approach to Eating

The mindfulness approach to eating has been moved into the realm of a formal therapeutic intervention for weight loss.  In some studies the mindful focus on weight loss demonstrates about double the lost pounds when compared with traditional behavioral type therapy. The even more exciting finding is that considerably more people who lost weight using [...]

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Twenty Minute Food Miracle

The twenty minute food miracle you are actually born with is part of a chemical communication pattern between your gastro-intestinal tract and your brain. It takes about twenty minutes for your brain to begin to process a sense of "fullness" from the food you are eating, or the food you just ate. If you've been [...]

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