Scientific Weigh Loss: Social Piece

The social piece of scientific weight loss is really underestimated in most diet plans. But the people around us are engrained in your eating patterns.  Ask yourself:  do you eat the same amount no matter who you eat with? What about the influence of family and friends.  They say and believe that they want you [...]

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Scientific Weight Loss: Psychological Piece

The psychological piece of scientific weight loss is all about finding patterns. Your patterns. What emotions drive you to eat when you're not hungry? What situations lead you to eat beyond your hunger level? What foods do you crave and eat a bit more than you know you should? And maybe most important, how is [...]

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14 Fast Foods for a Low Carb Diet

Have you ever wondered how you can survive in a fast food world on a low carb diet? Here are 14 fast foods you can eat on a low carb diet. Here are a few highlights:  do remember that a low carb diet may not reach the metabolic state of ketosis until you have cut [...]

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Scientific Weight Loss: Biological Piece

When you are looking at the biological piece of scientific weight loss, you are looking at the pure biology of losing weight.   This is all that most diets ever consider, and although an essential base to success, won't guarantee long term results.  You need all four areas of life in alignment to improve long [...]

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Ketogenic Diet Vindicated

An amazing judicial finding just came out of South Africa courts, the ketogenic diet vindicated as advocated by Dr. Timothy Noakes. Dr. Noakes had advocated a low carbohydrate, specifically ketogenic, diet.  This is a diet with typically between 20 and 40 net carbohydrates per day.  He had experienced excellent results for his health, and as [...]

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Stress Causes Weight Gain

It is a little know fact that stress causes weight gain in most people.  Part of the reason for the weight gain may be additional cravings for food from your perceived stress. But the larger reason is the biological fact that chronic stress causes your body to release hormones that actually promote weight gain.  An [...]

Scientific Weight Loss: The Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model from Psychiatry

Scientific Weight Loss:  The Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model from Psychiatry Psychiatry adopted this model of thought from Gregory Bateson's Systems Theory.  This describes how parts of reality interact with one another from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the level of galaxies.  The key element of the model is that each level in some way contains elements not predicted [...]

Hypnosis Promotes Weight Loss

In our supersized world, we have many opportunities to eat and drink more than we need.  However, what's behind obesity is usually more than craving a large order of fries. In America, a major diet industry has grown around obesity.  It leads overweight people to pay a big price for trendy diets, pills, or expensive and high-risk surgeries. [...]

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Choose Your Metabolism Wisely

Learn how to choose your metabolism wisely. Your body will begin breaking down food using different efficiencies depending on what food you make primary in your diet. A ketogenic diet, as an example, burns fats and cholesterol as the primary fuel source for your body. A low fat diet burns sugars and starches as the [...]

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When Should You Exercise?

When should you exercise each day? I would suggest you consider light to moderate exercise after your last of the day.  Why?  To burn some excess carbs off prior to sleep. You can use this idea whether you are technically on a low carb diet or now, because either way, left over circulating sugars at [...]

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