Ready to take your health seriously?
Tired of resenting the scale and unhappy with the number you see?
Mad at yourself for craving (and giving in to) unhealthy foods?Frustrated with the YO-YO diets you have been on?

You are invited to attend the New Mind, New Body LIVE EVENT in Henderson, NV this October, presented by Dr. Greg Brown, Forensic Psychiatrist, Best Selling Author and Creator of New Mind New Body!

At this exclusive event, you will learn how to:
Eliminate cravings in moments
Align yourself to your goals
Identify your perfect affirmations for success
End self-sabotage
Release stuck emotions in your timeline
Experience deep relaxation and hypnosis
Instantly test your readiness
Take back your power over food

And most importantly…

You will get the tools to take your diet and make it into lifestyle once and for all, so that you can release the extra weight WITHOUT spending your life in the gym or feeling deprived!

This second live event helps you take back your power. End cravings. Align yourself to your goals. Experience a truly holistic method of change.

VIP Upgrades available!
More information at the ticket link below. Contact us via email for a discount coupon when you act now!
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Live Event Feedback

Leroy Gallegos, New Mexico
I just got back from Wisconsin and didn’t even want a cheeseburger the whole time I was there. That was my problem food, and after doing the exercise in the workshop, I haven’t even craved one at all. I couldn’t believe how powerful the craving technique is!
Cynthia Depa, Nevada
Asma Farooq, M.D., Nevada
Greg has a wonderful stage presence. The material was cogently and lucidly presented, and I learned a great deal that will be both useful personally and professionally.
Michael Madow, M.D.
Zach, Nevada
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