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I had a near life-long challenge with my weight.  

Does that sound familiar?  

Our doctors say to lose weight.  Yours probably did.  Mind sure did.  And yet, the two hour lecture on diet in medical school didn't really give my doctor the perfect advice.  And since I was also a doctor, it didn't give me enough information to succeed either.

You've probably had a really successful short term diet in the past where a few pounds melted off.  But where we all hit the real challenge is making that diet into a comfortable easy lifestyle.  

But. . . . how to get there?

The key word in the first sentence is “had.”  I’m down more than 65 pounds.  Take a look for yourself.  The photos are real. 

Back then, the question “do want French Fries with that?" was really just a statement of fact. 

We all have a point of realization.  That instant when we see ourselves and have a shattering insight that we have to change.  The number on the scale put me in shock in late 2010.  And, after 30 years of the diet yoyo, I knew something had to change inside me.

And I also knew that I wasn’t going to spend my life in a gym, and that I would have to find a diet where I didn’t feel deprived.  Those two realities had to be the pillars of support for my new life.  You may have different priorities, but identify them early on.  You can use them to develop the perfect diet and lifestyle choices for you!

The problem was, I was ready to change, but when I started searching for how to journey from overweight to healthy from a mental, psychological, and spiritual journey, there wasn't any guidance out there.  Just diet books.

But all those diet and exercise books  say that this new plan has to become a way of life.  But none of them tell you how.  It's almost like an afterthought.  Which doesn't work.

Professionally, I'd even evaluated hundreds of patients considering lap band surgery, which can be very helpful for some, but that didn't seem quite right.  

Do you sometimes get those "shower insights?"  Those moments when things are still when some truth pops into your head?  Well they started coming once I knew at my core that I had to change.  

The first is that we love to tell ourselves a nice little white lie.  Well maybe not so little.  We always say at the then end of a diet "I can eat anything I want now, I'll just eat less."  Has that every worked for you?  Ever?  That's actually the recipe for the yoyo diet where you always gain a few extra pounds at the end.

The real whopper [no not the sandwich] was a deep realization that our weight serves us.  That's kind of hard to hear.  But it does have the virtue of being true.  Being overweight is somehow satisfying some unconscious need, and that overwhelms our conscious goal.  Until we fill that need some other way.  What psychoanalysts used to call “overdetermination.”  But that's just fancy jargon.  

What surprised me was that I found and perfected a simple set of tools to discover and transform those stuck places.  

And they were not really that hard at all.  It just took a long time to find the right combination.  Because no one had put it together like this before.

After losing what is now over 65 pounds, and keeping those pounds off for years. . . . I feel better at my age than I did twenty years ago physically.  And my doctor now wishes that he had bloodwork as healthy as mine.  

No reason to keep this a secret, because so many illnesses get more severe with extra pounds.  So, check out the book, check out the facebook group, come to a live event to really get your hands on these ideas and see where you can soar.  The resources are here.  Finally.

In addition to losing the weight, another reason I'm professionally qualified to share this information is my background.   I’m board certified in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Residency Training Director at the UNLV School of Medicine.

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